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Successful Candida Treatment

- Candida overgrowth can now be controlled naturally -

Candida Overgrowth cannot be dealt with quickly, no matter what! Because of the rapid regrowth of this infection, and also the relative difficulty of the dietary requirements, a Candida syndrome can last for quite some time. More severe cases can take up to 6 months to clear. As hard as it seems, it is entirely possible and now is the time to get the key to our proven treatment method! More Details Below > >

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The Secrets of overcoming Candida overgrowth

The main point of any effective treatment is to cure the condition completely. A real cure involves removing the cause, so that permanent relief is gained. Treating the symptoms only offers temporary relief and ensnares you into a lifelong relationship with medications you could easily do without.

The first secret to the effective treatment of Candida overgrowth lies in accepting these 4 facts which lead to effective treatment, before you even start;

  1. Begin by fully understanding that Candida overgrowth is a chronic infection, and that effective treatment will require some lifestyle changes. Dietary changes are most important to deprive the yeast infection of the food on which it flourishes.
  2. Accept that your infection may take some time to treat, depending on the severity of your infection. You must make a full commitment to treating Candida to really benefit.
  3. Candida can only be eradicated through the use of anti-Candida products, used in conjunction with the lifestyle changes you need to make.
  4. Re-introduction of good flora by taking a good probiotic is absolutely necessary.
  5. Detoxifying your body is a vital part of the initial stages of your treatment.

The objective of all the above is to restore biochemical balance to your body and strength to your immune system. This will allow your body to once again regain and maintain control over Candida growth naturally.

Lifestyle changes - your diet....

As far as your diet is concerned, you need to eliminate all 'foods' that feed Candida.

Think 'mould' all the time, and don't just focus on what you will be missing out on. Rather focus on the end result - being free from Candida for good.

Avoid these BAD Foods......

Here is the hard part - you have to start cutting out the 'bad' foods as soon as possible. This is imperative because all the below foods simply act as 'super-food' to Candida.

Below we have grouped the food types to give you an idea of what you want to avoid feeding your infection with;

Refined Carbohydrates
bread, flours, jams, sugars, pizza, cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolates, ice-cream, jellies, golden syrup, pastas

Dairy Products
sweetened yogurts, cheese spreads, yellow cheese and blue veined cheese.

Sauces and Condiments
vinegars, vinaigrettes, fermented alcohol (wine, beer, cider), dried fruits, peanuts, pistachios, peanut butter, pickles, all foods containing mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and mustard sauce.

Processed Foods
luncheon meats, commercial fruit juice, soya sauce, oxo, bovril and marmite.

Limit your daily fruit intake and avoid moldy or bruised fruits as well as fruits with high sugar content like melons and grapes.

.......and get into these GOOD foods!

Replace all the above foods with the following more healthy variants;

Starches and Carbohydrates
brown rice, millet, buckwheat, quinoa, carob, polenta, rice cakes, corn cakes, rice flour, potato flour or other grain flours. Some people may even need to cut even these alternatives out, and resort to a pure fat and protein diet.

There is no limit on the amount of vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

White Cheese
Very limited amounts of white cheese like cottage cheese or goats milk cheeses like feta are permitted.

Dealing with Candida Albicans Overgrowth

Because of the tenacity of this yeast and it's ability to re-grow so rapidly, an average Candida syndrome can last for quite some time. Don’t lose hope because the whole way along the treatment path, you will feel better and better.

We have to emphasize that this is not an infection that can dealt with quickly. It is not a normal infection, in that it has to be approached from all angles simultaneously.

STEP 1 - Finding the cause
Always identify the cause, and any other aggravating factors. You can do this by means of Metabolic Typing, a test which can be performed by a Nutritionist. Most times the cause will be found to be a certain food type or chemical substance (such as antibiotics) that you have ingested.

STEP 2 - Changing your Diet
Effective treatment of Candida overgrowth requires adjusting your diet. The intention is NOT to starve you, but rather to starve the Candida. Food types identified by your Metabolic Typing results simply have to be eliminated from your diet.

STEP 3 - Getting the balance right
We then need to bring in more beneficial bacteria, and to correct any inflammation and nutritional imbalances. The strength of your general immune system should be addressed with as much intention as the Candida itself.

Our proven Candida Treatment program

Our treatment program takes care of all the 3 vital steps mentioned above.

The primary component for effective treatment of Candida overgrowth is Matula Herbal Formula ™, which must be taken for 2 consecutive months. In addition to Matula Herbal Formula it is vital that you also take the best quality Probiotics for at least 3 months, while Chlorella should be taken for 1 month.

The reason we specifically started recommending Matula Herbal Formula ™ to my readers was that it is scientifically proven to inhibit Candida, and without negative effects. Click here to see the results of the test performed by world renowned immunologist, Professor Patrick Bouic.

Click here to find out more about Matula Herbal Formula ™ now

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Matula Herbal Formula
matula tea for effective candida treatment
matula tea for effective candida treatment
matula tea for effective candida treatment
matula tea for effective candida treatment
matula tea for effective candida treatment
matula tea for effective candida treatment

As we mentioned earlier, the primary component for effective treatment of Candida overgrowth is Matula Herbal Formula ™. Note that this treatment program will not work without this vital ingredient.

Finding good supplements that work!
There are thousands supplements available on the market. Researching all of them is not easy, and it can be costly and time consuming. Finding the right quality supplements at the right price is a tedious task that our team has already done for you, to save you from having to search for these yourself.

Simply click on the links below to find out more about each supplement;

• Replenish micro flora in your intestinal tract for optimal balance
• Support optimal digestive and bowel health
• Support optimal cholesterol and blood pressure levels
• Help optimize vitamin and mineral absorption from your healthy diet

• Promotes natural detoxification in your body
• Improves your digestive system, including decreasing constipation
• Promotes a healthy pH balance
• Assists in supporting your ability to focus and concentrate
• Helps to freshen breath

OMEGA 3 (only necessary if an inflammation of stomach lining has been detected)
Supports General good health in the following ways;
• A healthy heart
• Support for concentration, memory & learning
• Blood sugar health
• Healthy joints, with an increase in joint comfort
• Fighting the signs of aging
• Healthy brain and nervous system function and development
• Protection for cell membranes
• Cholesterol and other blood lipid health
• Healthy liver function
• Relief of normal PMS symptoms
• Bolstering the immune system
• Healthy mood support
• Optimal skin health

As mentioned earlier, treatment can be long and intense, but your rewards are reaped all along the don’t give up!


Avoiding Setbacks

One of the biggest setbacks you can face is when you begin feeling worse AFTER you have already started your treatment. And this happens to most patients when treating Candida.

We need to make it clear here that this is not a negative effect of Matula Herbal Formula ™ - in fact it is a very good sign that the anti-fungal properties of the tea are getting to work and are actually killing off the Candida. The reason you will feel worse is that when Candida 'dies' it releases a surge of toxins into your blood that usually causes mild headaches and even nausea.

To reduce the effect of die-off
The normal dosage of Matula Herbal Formula should be reduced to one tea bag daily as soon as you start experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. Here's how you will spread your intake of the reduced dosage during the day;

  • The tea should be prepared in the morning and in 300ml (a full coffee mug) of purified boiling water and left to draw off for between 10 to 15 minutes. The 300ml should then be split in half and taken in the morning at least half an hour before breakfast.
  • The remaining portion should be stored in a sealed glass container and taken 2 hours after dinner and just before going to bed.

Single doses should only be taken for 3 or 4 days, before you resume the normal full dosage of two tea bags daily. It is important to make sure that the tea is taken without missing any days.

The full dosage of two tea bags daily requires each tea bag to be drawn off in 150ml (half a coffee mug full) of purified boiling water.

Click here to order Matula Herbal Formula now


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